In an exciting evolution of its innovative vision, Eatosports is proud to announce the next chapter—the European Championship. This extraordinary competition invites 32 countries across Europe to embark on a journey of creativity, sustainability, and collaboration. As each country crafts their own Eato X – Kitchen, Studio, & Lab, the stage is set for a riveting showcase of virtual ingenuity with a real-world purpose. 



Eatosports transcends geographic boundaries, bringing nations together in a shared pursuit of sustainability. The European Championship builds upon this ethos by challenging participating countries to construct their Eato X – Kitchen, Studio, & Lab—a virtual headquarters for sustainable food systems—within the digital world of Minecraft.

32 Countries, One Vision: Sustainable Food Systems

The European Championship is not just a competition—it’s a global movement to reshape the way we think about food systems. Each country’s virtual creation becomes a living testament to their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the power of Esports to inspire change.



The championship unfolds over four thrilling stages: the first round, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the grand final. At each stage, participating countries present their virtual Eato X – Kitchen, Studio, & Lab to a panel of judges, showcasing not only their gaming prowess but also their imaginative approach to sustainable food systems.

The Innovation Challenge: Pioneering Sustainability

Beyond building structures, each round introduces the Innovation Challenge—a series of tasks that challenge participants to push the boundaries of innovation. From designing cutting-edge renewable energy solutions to creating spaces that promote community engagement and sustainable agriculture, each challenge presents an opportunity to demonstrate both creativity and commitment to a greener future.

Uniting Esports and Sustainability Advocacy

The European Championship is more than a competition; it’s a platform for advocacy and collaboration. As nations collaborate to construct sustainable food system hubs, players are not only learning within the game but also fostering a profound understanding of the role they can play in promoting sustainable practices.

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Ideas to Elevate the Championship:

Sustainability Symposium: Complement the championship with a symposium featuring thought leaders, sustainability experts, and players, discussing the transformative power of Esports in driving sustainability.

Sustainable Culinary Workshops: Organize virtual workshops that delve into sustainable culinary practices, inspiring players to embrace eco-friendly eating habits.

Global Partnerships: Collaborate with international sustainability organizations to amplify the championship’s message and engage an even broader audience.

A Sustainable Legacy: Europe Leading the Way

The European Championship is set to create a legacy—a legacy of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable food systems. As each country presents their virtual masterpiece and confronts the Innovation Challenge, they’re laying the foundation for a more sustainable and equitable future.

This virtual arena becomes a global stage where Esports transforms into a driving force for sustainable change. The European Championship demonstrates how the creativity of gaming can align with the urgency of sustainable food systems, shaping a future where virtual engagement catalyzes real-world transformation.

As this championship unfolds, it encourages us to envision a world where Esports doesn’t merely entertain, but propels us toward collective action. The European Championship is a beacon, beckoning us to embrace a future where gaming is synonymous with positive change, innovation, and a sustainable food system that nourishes both our bodies and our planet.