Eatoverse Competition

Welcome to the Eato X Competition, our challenge for you is to build an Eatoverse Farm – Build: a self sustainable Farm, Kitchen, Studio, & Lab Space in your world!

The Eato X Competition is a Collaboration with & Minevention to promote education and inspire creative thinking in our youth!

The winning builds will be showcased at Minevention US 2023 Events!

Next Show:

Minevention US

 6th & 7th MAY 2023 

Raleigh Convention Center, North Carolina, US

Eato X

What is Eato X ?

Eato X is the Headquarters of the Eatoverse, it is the Knowledge Centre that hosts Gaming, Workshops, and Events for leading Creators, Developers, & Innovators to develop the Eatoverse. 

Farm – Kitchen, Studio, & Lab

Competition Entry

 Build a sustainable Farm. Kitchen, Studio, & Lab

Building Your Eato X Farm!

Your Eato X Build should consist of four core components built in Minecraft – the Farm, Kitchen, Studio, & Lab.

Please Note: The following should be throughout your build – the use of Sustainable Materials, Disability Friendly, Innovation & Ideas.



The Farm Build is where we Dream.

Your Eato X Minecraft Farm should be your vision for the farm of the future, the building and the area around it such as the vegetable gardens, animals, renewable energy, sustainability, and your own ideas.


Exterior Build Inspiration

Minecraft Farm
 Vegetable Garden & Green House
Biodiversity – Trees, Flowers, & Hedges
Solar Panels & Wind Turbines
Electric Vehicles & Chargers
Seating for 50



The Kitchen is the heart of Eato X, it’s where we connect through Food.

The Kitchen showcases Organic & Regenerative Farm Produce (Vegetables, Meat, & Dairy) by creating Workshops and Events with Farmers & Chefs.


Kitchen Build

      Minecraft Kitchen – Open Plan
Cookery School/Cooking Demo Area
Seating for 50 – 100




The Studio is where we Create.

Your Minecraft Studio should be an immersive interactive studio where we can create content, host build battles, use a greenscreen or record videos live.  


Studio Build Ideas

Minecraft Studio – Open Plan
Gaming Room with Screens
Studio Stage & Cameras
Seating for 50



The Lab is where we Learn.

Your Lab should be an open plan Meeting and/or Workspace where Guests in the areas of Food, Education, Community, & Business can meet to develop ideas and products. 


Lab Build

Minecraft Lab – Open Plan
Meeting Room
Seating for 50

Competition Entry

Eato X Build Winners

 Minevention US
6th & 7th May 2023

The Eato X Build Winners will be announced and showcased at Minevention US 2023 Events, all entries will be named on blocks within the greater Eatoverse as a thank you for their participation in the development of the project, and will be invited to future events offline/online. 


Eato X Build Showcase

Minevention celebrates the game Minecraft through scheduled activities such as Build Battles, Educational Talks on Minecraft, Tournaments, Q&A Sessions, Arts and Crafts, a Costume Contest and On-Stage Challenges.

Minevention also features popular YouTubers who will be available for FREE Meet and Greet opportunities as well as many other fun activities designed for Minecraft fans of all ages.

Competition Winners