Building the Sustainable Food System

Planting Seeds,

Harvesting the Future

The Eatoverse is a virtual world and learning platform, promoting creativity, collaboration, and problem solving to build the Sustainable Food System.

It will form the virtual building blocks for its real life version, Eatosystem, a sustainably focused community of farmers, chefs, schools, government and businesses creating a secure and healthy local food system for all.

Solving a Global Problem with Eatoverse


WHEN IT COMES To creating sustainable food systems, we NEED A WAY to empower the next generation through immersive game-based learning technologies.

Impact of Food Choices

SO THAT we understand the impact of our food choices and are inspired to build a sustainable future food system for People, Community, & Planet.


Game, Lessons, & Real World


A Virtual Education that comes to Life

The Game Play educates the child throughout by planting seeds in their mind to create a sustainable food system, and to gain a greater understanding of where their food comes from.


Planting Seeds, Harvesting the Future

The Lessons are geared towards the Food System, Organic & Regenerative Principles, Practices, & Procurement, Renewable Energy, Distribution, Environment, Health, Nutrition, Collaboration, Capital, and Social Impact, highlighting the SDGs with each lesson.

Lesson 1 – 10

Organic Food System


Organic Farming


Regenerative Farming


Produce & Procurement


Distribution & Energy


Environment & Biodiversity


Health & Nutrition


Knowledge & Content


Capital & Investment


Social Impact


Real World

Building Blocks of Organic Communities

The building of the Eatoverse provides the framework to design, test, and practice the development of a true Organic & Regenerative Food System. This will enable the detailed planning prior to the Investment of the large scale pilot project of the Eatosystem & Eato Ireland.


Financed by TokonV

Pre-Seed, Seed to Harvest, & The V³ Fund

The roadmap to finance our Sustainable Food System consists of the following fundraising projects by TokonV.


The Clover Collections

Launching Soon

Seed to Harvest

The Seed Collections

Launching 2023

The V³ Fund

Values, Value, & Ventures

Launching 2023